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We like to simply call it “quality” remodeling! It is “quality” because we only use “quality” materials and products and use skill and attention to even the smallest details when it comes to your home, so we can take pride in our work, and you can take pride in your home. We strive to make our clients 100% satisfied, and to address all their goals and implement them in the best way possible within reach. We specialize in complete home remodeling including but not limited to: kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home extensions, interior upgrades, such as: painting, flooring, drywall, carpentry, and more, and exterior upgrades, such as: brownstone, roofing, masonry, siding, stucco, doors, decks, and more. For a complete list and description of what we do visit Our Services.

New York City is one of the most challenging places to complete a renovation project on time and within budget. Most homeowners often underestimate the stage of planning, coordination, and finance it’ll take to get a renovation project executed properly — not to mention the surprises that can surface when you open up the partitions of the city’s historical housing stock. The key to any smooth renovation, from a bathroom upgrade to a full-on gut, relies upon a very significant aspect: preparing for it in advance. Here are some key points to help with the succes of your project:
1. Research well to source a good team
2. Get realistic about the timing
3. Set up a place to stay for the duration of the construction, if applicable
4. Be prepared for your planned budget to change
5. Acquring Permits and dealing with DOB has its process
6. Dealing with the Owners Association
7. Take your neighbors into consideration
8. Older buildings often hold surprises
9. Knowing who is responsible if something goes wrong
10. Understand your investment
We service all neighborhoods in the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens regions and surrounding neighborhoods. For more information visit our Service Areas.

Depending on the scope of your home remodeling project, there will likely be choices, you as the homeowner, needs to select when it comes to the finish materials, such as: Moldings, Paint Color, Door Styles, Tiles, Flooring, etc. By doing the research ahead of time and organizing all the styles you like, so they can be sourced and purchased ahead of time, it will significantly reduce extra time spent on your project waiting for materials to be available or delivered, cutting down extra costs overall.

The remodeling process in broken down into 3 stages: First, is the Design Phase, Second, the Construction Phase, and third, the Post-construction phase. The Design Phase includes the initial meeting, design development, construction documents, permits, and finalizing contract. The Construction phase includes the project/site meetings, releasing payments, project start, finalizing any changes if necessary, completing work-scope. The Post-Construction Phase includes the final walk-through, city inspections if required, completing any punch list items and final clean-up, and releasing final payments. For more information visit Our Process.

When you’re doing a project that involves any plumbing work, electrical work, or structural work, you absolutely must get a permit. Permits are usually NOT required for cosmetic work, such as: painting, plastering, flooring, etc. For more information visit our NYC Filing Process page.

If it’s a sizable project with heavy figures and design requirements, the answer will typically be, yes. Otherwise a good general contractor is presumably all you will need. Here are some of the main points to recognize when evaluating this decision:
1. A hired architect will make sure to develop your space to best suit the way you will occupy it.
2. Any structural alterations will be executed with safety.
3. Your Scope of Work will probably be MUCH more inclusive and in-depth (less room for human error).
4. Your architect can help you source a contractor and evaluate bids.
5. Your architect can manage the design elements and oversee your Contractor throughout the project

It is common when homeowners are upgrading their home, excitement takes over, and when you come across a slightly more appealing tile or fixture, you find yourself opting to upgrade, settling on the more expensive product. Unfortunately, these costs add up, and it easy to fall short of keeping record on just how much you are exceeding your budget. It is important to manage and organize all these added costs and when choosing to upgrade an item consider replacing another item with something less expensive to offset the added costs ensuring you stay within budget. Another significant point is to avoid accepting a bid from a contractor that isn’t clear. Usually what happens in these situations is that certain items or associated fees are left out, and down the line when it comes up, you find yourself with costs that you were never aware about and didn’t calculate in to the other decisions you made up until then.

Change orders are the solution to making any changes during an ongoing project that you didn’t or couldn’t have been aware ahead of time. Whether the situation is that you changed your mind, or possibly the building has a hidden defect that one would not be able to see until the wall was taken down, for instance, whichever case it may be, it means you will be deviating from your original plan, ultimately meaning more time, and, usually, more money.
Each home remodel is unique and so after our initial review we will be able to provide a project breakdown. The duration of your project depends on multiple aspects, including size of the renovation project, scope of work, and materials/finishes being used. We will provide you with an estimate timeline for the project duration before any work is started.
If you are considering a complete house remodel, you will most likely need to find other living arrangements during the construction period. Most of our remodeling projects are structured to minimize turnaround time, from tear down to completed project, so that you are not inconvenienced any longer than necessary. In just about every other type of home remodeling project, you should be able to remain in your house, and we will make sure to seal off the work areas as best as possible, by installing dust barriers and any necessary protection materials, so that you can remain as comfortable as possible.
Construction tends to be noisy by nature. There will be a fluctuation of noise and dirt at varying levels throughout the home renovation process. We will give you advance notice prior to any particularly noisy or dirty phases, specifically, concrete cutting, tile cutting, floor sanding, etc. so that you can plan your days accordingly. Drywall installation and sanding will create a lot of very fine dust for a few days. We do our very best to seal off the rest of the house, but a little dust will always get through. It’s a good idea to throw a plastic sheet over nearby sensitive items like electronics or fine furniture during this phase.

If you need to have your kitchen and bathroom customized, DCON Renovations is the best choice!

Call DCON Renovations (917) 451-3428

If you need to have your kitchen and bathroom customized, DCON Renovations is the best choice!

Call DCON Renovations
(917) 451-3428